Copiers, All Color Copier / Printers
and Digital CopiersWhen you receive your copier, immediately unwrap the
copier and inspect it for any physical damage. THIS IS A MUST. If you
notice any major dents, broken Large Capacity Tray covers, etc., make
immediate exception to the damage on the truck carrier’s bill of lading
that they ask you to sign. Notify AllcopiersDirect immediately. We will
put in a claim for shipping damage and upon inspection by the freight
carrier ship you a replacement or make arrangements to ship replacement
parts/covers. Photograph the damage and mail it to AllcopiersDirect with a copy of your bill of lading and a description of the damage.
Note: refurbished products can have imperfect panels with small dents.
Only newly remanufactured products have perfect, completely re-coated,
same as brand-new panels.You have a thirty-day AllcopiersDirect parts and labor
warranty. The warranty is not given automatically to the buyer by the installer.
Therefore, should you experience a problem at installation, and the
technician claims he/she needs additional parts, the tech MUST CALL THE
ALLCOPIERSDIRECT SERVICE COORDINATOR, at 954-581-0880, extension 23,
and explain what is defective. The installer does not have the authority
to replace parts without AllcopiersDirect approval. The warranty does not
cover malfunctions that occur due to operator error, an occasional paper
jam (call our service manager if you need key operator assistance to
remove a paper jam. Many times a paper jam will occur due to environmental
conditions like humidity, etc., and not because of a mechanical defect),
vandalism or acts of God. The warranty is void outside the continental
U.S. and in Alaska and Hawaii.DURING THE THIRTY DAY WARRANTYShould you experience a mechanical problem you must call AllcopiersDirect
and speak to our service coordinator at 954-581-0880, extension 23,
between 8:00 am and 5:00 PM Eastern time. Many problems can be fixed
remotely by phone with diagnostic codes on your copier. Should we
determine parts are needed we will send them overnight delivery and you
can call your installer to replace the parts at no charge to your company.
Again, should the service provider determine something other than what we
sent is required he must call our service manager for consultation. Any
deviation from this policy will release AllcopiersDirect from all warranty
obligations and payment for services rendered by your local service
installer will be the responsibility of the equipment user at the location
it was delivered.MAINTENANCE AGREEMENTSAllcopiersDirect highly recommends customer solicit
service contract quotes as soon as possible and contract a local provider
before warranty expiration. Your installer will be happy to quote
maintenance. All 20+ CPM copiers require routine, scheduled maintenance,
which is included in the purchase of a maintenance agreement. Any copier
can, and most likely will, malfunction between routine scheduled
maintenance calls. By accepting your payment for a service contract, the
service provider is guaranteeing your copier will operate to
manufacturer’s specifications while covered by their contract.By offering service, the
local service provider has warranted to the buyer their copier will
operate at manufacturer’s specifications for which AllcopiersDirect cannot
be held responsible. AllcopiersDirect assumes no responsibility nor
liability for buyer claims of defect in copy equipment sold by
AllcopiersDirect as that is by and between the local servicing company and
the buyer. AllcopiersDirect will assist with any parts needed at install
should it be required not including any special electrical requirements.RETURNS DUE TO CREDIT CARD DISPUTES
BY THE CARDHOLDER AND REFUSED SHIPMENTSShould AllcopiersDirect have to repossess a copier because
the customer has disputed the charge to his/her credit card company, or
claimed they received defective product, and
AllcopiersDirect receives a charge-back (non-payment) for the copier, it
will be picked up, at customer expense, and returned to AllcopiersDirect.
Customer agrees to pay freight charges by signing this agreement.Moreover, customer agrees to pay per copy charge of $0.015
(one and one-half cents) for every copy made during time of possession
over 10,000 copies. AllcopiersDirect will take a meter reading upon
receipt of equipment and bill directly to the customer. Signatory agrees
to pay freight charges due to and from location should a copier shipment
be refused.