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Inkredible Inks : Support OptionsTechnical SupportWe are pleased to provide technical assistance, but you should
first ensure your problem is something we can actually help with.Our technical knowledge spans the products that we sell, and
while we can tell you about printers, we of course do not have practical,
operational or technical information for the thousands of different pieces of
printer hardware in existence. Our access to specific printer literature (such
as manuals) is identical to yours. Therefore, there are certain problems that
your hardware manufacturer should handle, and there are certain problems that we
should handle.Contact Your manufacturer for problems including the
following:How to load/unload cartridges in your machineHow to accomplish any task with your printer softwareHow to perform maintenance such as head-cleaning, page
alignment etcPrinter not respondingProblems relating to the operation and use of your machineContact Us for problems including the following:Ink Cartridge defectsLeaking cartridgesCartridge not recognisedWrong cartridge receivedProblems relating to the nature of ink cartridgesHere are the contact details for some of the major
Customer SupportPhone:
02 8875 6000Email:
[email protected]
CanonWeb:Canon Customer SupportPhone:
13 13 83
EpsonWeb:Epson Customer SupportPhone:
1300 361 054
Hewlett PackardWeb:HP Customer SupportPhone:
1300 721 147
KyoceraWeb:Kyocera Customer
1300 368 885
Lexmark Customer SupportPhone:
1300 362 192Email:[email protected] Customer Support from Inkredible Inks,
please call (02) 9317 3737