7 iOS Apps to Make Sure You Get More Done | ManualTech Site

7 iOS Apps to Make Sure You Get More Done | ManualTech Site
7 iOS Apps to Make Sure You Get More Done
Society is built on motion. We’re all rushing from work to school to the superstore, hardly taking a break for ourselves. Thankfully, mobile technology has brought ease to scheduling, shopping, and keeping track of everything from finances to recipes – and you don’t even need an to understand how to use them to your advantage. But if you happen to be in the midst of earning a degree while running a business or managing a family, there are apps to help with that. Here are seven iOS applications to help you stay focused in the midst of a busy life.1. Mind Your Business
Being at work no longer means being glued to your desk. No matter where you are – boardroom, car, neighborhood coffee shop, or seated in a lecture hall – stay on top of your business needs with this application. Manage appointments, the services and products your company offers, and client information. Track revenue, price lists, and notes from your latest networking opportunity.2. Mobile Doodle
Making scheduling easy is paramount to the busy professional, especially if s/he is pursuing an online degree. Invite coworkers to the next big department meeting or classmates to a study group by sending out an invitation from your mobile phone. Participants can state their availability and preferences, including times and locations, from which the organizer can pick the final date and time. No need to even be in the office or on campus until it’s time for the actual face-to-face interaction.3. SimpleFoodie MobileFew people want to go to the grocery store on the way home from work, especially if an evening full of homework is waiting. With this application, users can quickly add items to a grocery list, access recipes, and even watch how-to videos for preparing meals. Make things easier on your post-work brain and navigate the store with ease instead of straining to remember just what spice you needed for that special meal.4. FinancerThere’s nothing worse than signing in to a bank account and discovering monetary discrepancies, like an inadvertently bounced check. Financer is an easy way to track monthly spending, set up and follow a budget, and manage deposits and withdrawals – important for everyone, but especially the average broke student. Best of all, this application allows you to manage an unlimited number of accounts, all in one place. Take control of your financial life whether you’re managing a few dollars or a few thousand.5. Spanish VLearning a new language is an important skill to have, especially when communicating in the business world. With this application, users can learn five basic Spanish words each day. Learn the names of foods and clothing, family members and animals, and eventually apply what you’ve learned to a more in-depth study of the language. What better time to study abroad in Spain than after a little experience with this app?6. Goal Happy
Setting goals is easy; sticking to them is another question. With this app, users can track and share their progress as they achieve goals on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Harness the motivation that got you to set goals in the first place and stick to it, especially if the reward is an A in a class or commendation from your boss. Visual learners will be especially happy with graphs that remind the user of the gains they’ve made.7. YadaHome: Family OrganizerWhether your family is two people or seven, this app allows syncing of multiple calendars, especially important for people who are keeping track of work, school, and personal lives. Share photos and to-do lists and even add items to a grocery list before Dad or Mom reaches the checkout counter. Keep track of those family get-togethers and plan events on the go. Streamline a busy life with little effort.Guest Post by Whitney Jones