Affordable CD packaging

Affordable CD packaging
Affordable CD packagingThis page has moved you are being
redirected.This is the CD packaging info page sponsored by CDROM2GO.COM,
the industry leader for CD
packaging products.CD packaging MenuCD packaging
is available in a variety of styles. Standard CD packaging includes:
jewel cases, plastic
cases such as the C-Shell, bubble & cardboard mailers
as well as vinyl, paper
and Tyvek sleeves.
CDROM2GO.COM carries all CD packaging supplies.There are many CD
packaging options. In determining the best option, you must consider
the final use of the CD. First, is it a business
card CD, a mini CD, a shaped
CD or a standard CD? Is
it part of a direct mail campaign, inserted in a manual, data storage,
music or audio, software distribution, a trade show or some other
purpose? Further, do require standard CD packaging or a custom
solution such as printed inserts or mailers? A CDROM2GO.COM Customer
Service Rep can help you determine the best packaging solution.CD packaging solutions exist for whatever your needs may
be. For current pricing see: CD
packaging pricing.CD packaging Info PageToll Free: 877 99 CDROM© 2000, CDROM2GO.COM