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CD Mastering – CDROM2GO.COMAfter
you have mixed the tracks for your CD, you need to put
them in the proper order and make sure the CD sounds tight
when the songs are played consecutively.There
are two methods of mastering. First, is to master in the
studio. This is a process of transferring your finished
mix from one DAT to another in the desired order. You
can set the volume and the appropriate space between each
song. You can also do some tweaking of EQ and reverb settings
in the studio.
Second, is an actual mastering house. Mastering equipment
allows you to edit your music on a computer system. It allows
you add effects and gives you more creative control. Additional
benefits include having professional ‘ear’ to assist during
this process and to hear how your songs mix in a new setting. 
You may also hear the term ‘glass master’ which is part
of the manufacturing process. For more info see: CD
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