DVD Duplication Process

DVD Duplication Process
DVD Duplication ProcessHow we do it.Our DVD duplication services involve taking grade A DVD-R Media and using several types of high-end duplicators to make anywhere from 50 on up to thousands of copies. We have chosen to use only the DVD-R format
in our DVD duplication process, since several studies have revealed that they offer the highest compatibility across all DVD players. The stand alone duplicators we typically use are the same we sell online and feature the latest in Pioneer drive technology. For larger
DVD duplication needs we turn to automated high end duplicators by Media Technics. These units allow us to burn hundreds of DVDs per hour with little manual operation. Before DVDs can be printed the graphic art department must make certain that the image will appear exactly as the customer has intended. Once the images have been successfully set up, the printing of the DVDs photo coat begins. Photo coat is a professional print layer created on our high-end laser printers. These printers offer the highest in print quality and resolution giving you full vibrant colors. We provide all customers with a one-off digital proof for overnight delivery before the DVDs go into
the DVD duplication process to ensure quality satisfaction by the customer. Once the DVDs have been duplicated and printed they are ready for assembly. Our
DVD duplications staff then takes your DVDs, inserts them into your desired packaging, boxes them up and then ships them out to your destination. Aside from standard 5” DVDs we offer 3” mini DVD duplication as well. These are great for promotional pieces, direct mail or trade shows. For high volumes (>2500) see
DVD replication services (manufacturing) Common Questions:Q: How fast is your DVD duplication service? A: DVDs can be duplicated and shipped out in less than 24 hours after receiving the materials from the customer. Ask your sales rep about our express
DVD duplication service. Q: Will my DVDs be guaranteed to play on all players? A: We use only the best DVD-R media on the market but there are still a small percentage of older DVD players that will not read DVD-R media. All newer DVD players on the market today read DVD-R media. Q: Do you offer fulfillment services? A: Yes. We offer in house fulfillment services allowing you to ship your DVDs to multiple addresses or locations. We can also store your DVDs and ship on demand.See our Fulfillment and pick and pack services.
DVD Duplication pricing.