Getting Started – CDROM2GO.COM

Getting Started – CDROM2GO.COM
Getting Started – CDROM2GO.COMGetting started with The CDROM2GO.COM Media Store Partner
Program is very easy. First you enter The 
Affiliate Area. If you have a username and password
you can login. If not, click join now.Once you click join you will enter your name, address,
email and other information. You will then choose a password
and click JOIN.After you have done this, you will receive an email from
us immediately. This email will outline the steps to add
the HTML code to your site, and confirm your username
and password. The email will also have the link you need
to login and check your statistics. Save this email.If
at anytime you require assistance you may contact our
Program Manager by email
or toll free at 1-877-99-CDROM.