News July 15, 2002 News July 15, 2002 News July 15, 2002 HP Printers. The cartridges
we recycle are listed in order of decreasing volume. The 51645 is our biggest
seller. Followed by the C6578, 51629, 1823, 6615, 6625, 51649, 51626, 51641
and the 51625.
We have found that our HP400 tests the Green tops, our 600 tests the
blue top 29, and 49, the 642c tests the 6614 and a backup tester for the
49. The 870Cxi tests the 51641, the 51645 and the 6615. The 712c tests
the 51645, the 1823 and the 6625. The 940c tests the 6615 and the 6578
cartridges. The retail cost of this assortment of printers easily exceeded
$1000.00, Yet $1000.00 is less than the cost of many so called “universal
testers”. If you are looking for printers in the 500/600/700/800 range,
contact Brian at [email protected] 
and save a bundle. Brian has a wide range of used HP printers available
for test printing, starting at about $35.00. Brian is an innovative thinker
who saves the money he makes recycling by inventing ways to do the job
cheaper and better. In our next issue we will feature a great system for
cleaning cartridges designed by Brian.