LapTopsGateway MX6453The Gateway MX6453 is a new Gateway laptop (THE notebook) personal
computer that is well suited for home or simple big business
use. It has an AMD Turon 64 X2 Mobile Technology TL-52 processor,
two gigs of PC4200 DDR2 memory, and a multiformat DVDRW / CR-RW
drive that can read and burn all kinds of CDs and DVDs. It’s
grouping of memory, processing power, and the high quality disc
drive makes it an excellent computer for disc based multimedia
applications. It also comes with incorporated motherboard Wifi,
so you can use it to connect wirelessly to the internet through
your home’s internet access point and surf the high speed net
or correspond with your family and contacts through instant
messages and emails.
You can connect a range of useful media plans such as cameras
(both types photo cameras and digital video cameras) to it
using the IEEE 1394 Fireware port. The Gateway MX6453 has
a 160 GB hard drive with ton of breathing space to store your
music, photos, and recorded videos. The Gateway MX6453’s screen
is fifteen point four inches large, so it is in the recent
upper midrange for laptop LCD screen sizes. Graphics functions
for the Gateway MX6453 are griped by an ATI RADEON XPRESS
1150. The system weighs about five pounds, and is about an
inch and a half thin, so it is reasonably light and easy to
carry around.All in all this system looks extremely well suited to a range
of multimedia tasks. If you are looking for a gorgeous entertainment
based notebook personal computer, or are perhaps interested
in a arrangement of being able to carry a large store of music,
photos, and video while also experimentations with your own
video and photo editing and recording on the go, the Gateway
MX6453 seems to have all the technological components to handle
these everyday jobs easily, while also being a strong laptop
personal computer for the more wide-ranging tasks such as
internet access and simple big business applications.The prices offered online are fairly smart, as well, with
the general price range centered on the one thousand dollar
mark. This is a reasonable price for a system with this level
of technology. You can find the Gateway MX6453 directly from
Gateway’s own site at, or find it at the brick
and mortar retailers like Best Buy, even though it may be
hard to find as this is a admired model.