Link Exchange Help – Why Trade Links with US

Link Exchange Help – Why Trade Links with US
Link Exchange Help – Why Trade Links with USEneva UK is a member of a high quality, high traffic network including a number of very high profile sites, many of which are at Google page rank 4, 5 and above.
There are even page rank 6 sites within the network and we are attracting link exchange from sites with a page rank as high as 8.
All of this is good news for you as a link exchange partner.RankingOur sites are continuously professionally optimized and linked to improve upon their search engine placement.
Even if the page ranks of our site linking to you or the site to which we are asking you to link are low today, they won’t stay that way! ”
Sites exchanging links with our network will benefit from these optimization efforts.RelevanceOur network has SEVERAL MILLION content pages – this allows us to link to and from link partner sites with CONTENT RELEVANT links in most subject areas.
Content relevancy is being increasingly identified as critical to an effective linking strategy. Indeed, it has been suggested that links that are not content
relevant may weaken search engine placement.Genuine Indexable LinksALL our partners’ links are placed on GENUINE CONTENT PAGES with TRACEABLE LINKS FROM OUR SITE’S HOME PAGE in contrast to many of today’s
‘reciprocal link’ scams where you are offered links on an ‘orphaned’ (unlinked) page or on a ‘multi-page’ links or resources page with hundreds or even thousands of
links. Because of the breadth of our network, it is also extremely unlikely that your link will be one of hundreds – in most cases, yours will be one of only a
few highly relevant links on a particular content page. All of this means that the search engines should find your links and improve your ranking accordingly.