Motorola V505 Phone – Next Generation (AT&T) – Motorola – Wireless

Motorola V505 Phone – Next Generation (AT&T) – Motorola – Wireless
Motorola V505 Phone – Next Generation (AT&T) – Motorolai have been through a few cell phones recently, and i am happy to say i’ve found one i am happy with! i got this phone, unlocked, (…) popped in my SIM card and was good to go.
i am very pleased with this phone and it’s feature set. it also helps that i’ve been able to “hack” into this phone and transfer games, wallpapers and ringtones without having to pay a huge sum to get them (by using mMode). this phone is pretty customizable, once you get the programs you need to customize it. i know most people don’t get this into their cell phones, but it’s nice to know it’s an option with the V505.
here’s what i like about this phone:
* speakerphone is nice and clear. no problems with people hearing me and vice-versa.
* bluetooth, though not a perfect technology, is a nice feature to have.
* ringtone selection is actually pretty good on this phone.
* clarity of calls is excellent.
* nice sturdy design and feel. some people complain that this phone is “heavy”, but i don’t mind a phone that weighs an ounce more. 😉
* screen is beautiful. colors are bright and menues are easy to see.
* camera is one of the better ones i’ve seen, though still, don’t expect these pictures to be good for anything other than wallpaper on your phone.
* added features like the datebook and themes are nice, though most people won’t probably use these!
* mp3 ringtones. woohoo!
* 5MB of internal storage is nice. not a ton, but you should have more than enough space for games, wallpapers, etc.
* it’s a quad-band! not useful for me, but those of you who travel to europe will like feature.
* very stylish, though industrial-looking, phone.
here’s the “bad” stuff, though none of this was a big deal (and doesn’t detract from my love of this phone), but it’s worth noting:
* motorola’s address book could stand an overhaul. it’s ass-backwards, but there are ways of working around it.
* only ONE GAME is included and it’s a demo version. c’MON! that’s a total rip.
* outer LCD display is kinda poor compared to the beautiful screen that’s on the inside. and, when someone calls, you can only see the first few letters of that person’s name.
* call and send buttons are reversed. no idea why. you get used to it though.
* phone doesn’t come with the cable to connect it to your computer, nor the mobile phone tools software. this stuff should definitely be included.
* manual is crap, but you’ve half a brain, you can figure out most features of this phone.
though no provider is currently selling this phone anymore (at&t; was the last one to carry this, before the buyout), you can still buy them on ebay. this phone has basically been replaced by cingular’s V551. other phones that are very similar are the V525, V400, V551, V600, etc. all seem to get pretty good reviews. i am a newly-converted motorola fan!
5/4/2005: after having this phone about four months, it started going buggy on me. started dropping calls, cutting out, etc. i thought initially, it was cingular, but i swapped my SIM card and tried out another phone and sure enough, that one was fine. i finally made the switch to cingular (from my old at&t; plan) and got a V551, so here’s hoping!