Motorola V551 Phone (Cingular) – Motorola – Wireless

Motorola V551 Phone (Cingular) – Motorola – Wireless
Motorola V551 Phone (Cingular) – Motorolafirst, in response to j. doe’s comment: there IS an outside button to silence the phone. you press the volume button on the side and it’ll tell you in the window your current ring style. then you press the button directly below, the voice record button, and you can silently change the notification mode. then you just press the volume button again and it’s set.
basically, i like the phone. it’s easy to use, and the camera can take pictures of surprising quality, depending on the light. video is a nice thing to have, as well. the speaker is convenient because at times, the volume can be fairly low, but to me this has only happened on occasion with the same people, leading me to believe it’s a problem with their phones and not my own, hah. also, when you’re unable to hold the phone (driving or simply occupied) or wishing to allow more than one person to listen to the phone call, the speaker is a useful tool.
the basic tools, like calculator and alarm clock, are available, but unfortunately, no games come for free but a single demo. also, missed calls could be organized better rather than being clustered with all received calls, but that may have to do with motorola (and cingular?) software in general rather than the phone itself.
the battery is pretty strong and has never run out on me during an important conversation or at an inconvenient time. even when you have only one bar of battery, it’ll still last you a good day and a half, at the least. and cingular, well, i prefer them to my previous provider since i now have service everywhere i go, whereas before i rarely did. i’ve never had a dropped call, or even static, but that could be entirely dependent on my geographic location.
this phone is also a model that can be easily unlocked, in case one travels abroad and needs to buy a prepaid sim card to use the phone, which for some like myself who thoroughly enjoy travelling, is a MAJOR plus.
i have the same complaints as most people, though. the charger is a bit clumsy to plug in and even when it is attached, it sometimes feels like it’s not. i don’t actually mind the separate phone numbers in the phonebook, but that is personal preference and i can see why that could annoy some. for the most part, though, i think this phone is well worth it. best i’ve had yet.