Offset Printing Process

Offset Printing Process
Offset Printing ProcessWhat Is Offset Printing?Offset printing is a dynamic print process used to print artwork, graphics, and text to the surface of a replicated DVDROM, CDROM, Blu-ray, and HD DVD discs.В  Discs are printed on after they are done being replicated. Offset printing completes the look of any manufactured disc with full color artwork for a truly professional appearance.
How It WorksThe offset process begins with the separation of the artwork color values to the creation of four plates (CMYK) and one for a spot color if required.В  First the disc passes over the white flood coat screen and is silk-screened with white over the disc. Each plate is then inked with one color: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black. Next, the plates are covered with a rubber mat that is mounted to a cylinder. The single color image is then transferred, or offset, onto the surface of the disc as it passes by a roller with 175-lines/inch resolution.В  The combination of the ink from each of the four plates and the high line per inch count creates a detailed full color image on each disc. Offset printing is great throughout longer runs for color consistency.
Features and BenefitsThe offset printing process is well suited to many applications and is one of the most popular print methods in the disc manufacturing industry today. The higher resolution means that offset printed discs are ideal for complex artwork such as photographs and graphical elements that may have lots of color variations.В  Offset printed discs feature a smooth, scratch-resistant matte surface that is an excellent complement to your graphical artwork.В  For jobs of 1,000 discs or more, this type of printing is very economical in the long run.В  Offset disc printing is also a close match to offset paper presses, so when printing a complete package or allot of marketing pieces they can match closely with their process color output.В  Offset printing is a cost-effective way to achieve retail quality prints on your manufactured discs.
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