Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ2 5MP Digital Camera with 6x Image Stabilized Optical Zoom (Silver) – Electronics

Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ2 5MP Digital Camera with 6x Image Stabilized Optical Zoom (Silver) – Electronics
Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ2 5MP Digital Camera with 6x Image Stabilized Optical Zoom (Silver)WOW ……… this would be the one word to describe this camera. This camera had almost everything I was looking for at a price that is very competitive with other brands. I was looking for something that was semi-small, had a good optical zoom (at least 4x +), at least 5mp, and that was below $250.00. This was one of the few camera’s to meet all my criteria.
The optical zoom on this is amazing for a compact camera, while most in this category are a 3x optical, this gives you 6x. The optical image stabilization is an awesome feature, usually found only in more expensive camera’s. Even while skaking it up and down, it still delivers a crisp, detailed picture (yep, I tried it for fun) This feature in a compact camera was unique only to Panasonic. Both the 6x optical zoom, and the optical image stabilization deliver as promised. The digital zoom is somewhat noisy, and tends to not be as high definition, but this is true of all digital zooms, and for most situations the 6x optical is more than enough.
Lag time between photos is about average, but still could stand to be a little quicker. This is especially true when using the flash. This is one downside of digital camera’s, that I expect in newer generations will not be a problem. The 5mp is more than enough for good quality prints.
The Camera itself is slightly (very slightly) a bit bigger than others in it’s class, but this is neccesary to add the increased features. You could fit this inot a pocket if needed, but overall it is too bulky for this. It’s all plastic body does not appear or feel cheaply made. I do wish they would have used some metal, but overall this keeps the camera weight down.
Features are very user friendly for a novice (such as myself), and the camera interface is very easy to learn and use. Buttons are well laid out, and for the most part are similiar to all digital camera’s.
The lack of an optical view finder does take some getting used too, but you will find you do not miss it at all after only a few hours. The LCD screen is large (2″) and the picture is clear and bright. The only trouble I have experienced is in darker situations it can be hard to compose the picture, but this is also true of all LCD’s.
The built in memory is small, only good for a handful of pictures.I would recommend purchasing an SD card no smaller than 125mb, but if price is not a factor go for a 512mb or higher.
I am not one on technical aspects, but the camera does give a user some choice over photo layouts, but for the most part is a simple to use point and shoot camera, with many extra useful bells and whistles. So far I am very pleased with this camera, it performs remarkable, had all the features I was looking for, and will not be obsolete in a few months.
– 6x optical zoom (cannot say enough about it)
– optical image stabilization ( a selling point alone)
– Well laid out, easy to use interface
– Large LCD screen
– Crisp, clear pictures
– Histogram (checks exposure, and lets you know when it is correct)
– Beats all camera’s in it’s price range hands down on features
– Uses AA batteries, and not a properitary battery. ( I did not think I would like this, but AA’s are easy to find, and the rechargeable’s are modestly priced compared to other batteries.
– Slightly bigger than most competitors
– Average picture lag time between shots, especially when using the flash
– No speaker to hear recorded video
– lack of optical viewfinder ( not really a con in some cases)
In all if you are looking for a great camera, with many extra features not usually found in this price range, this is the camera for you. This camera would suit an enthusiast who is looking for a small back up camera, or a beginner who wants a nice camera for everday snapshot pictures. A great all around digital camera !!!