Professional Advice – CDROM2GO.COM

Professional Advice – CDROM2GO.COM
Professional Advice – CDROM2GO.COM
The main benefit of having an industry advisor is that you
are able to communicate twenty-four hours a day with music
industry professionals familiar with the needs of independent
musicians and bands. CDROM2GO.COM has partnered
with industry leaders to help you with whatever your
a big gig coming up and need to know how to pack the place?
Need some help selling more CDs? Looking for a cheap place
to get t-shirts for your band manufactured? Our advisors
can can help!
Sometimes getting the advice you need in writing just
isn’t enough. Sometimes it’s just easier to explain your
situation to a live person. For $50 year, you’ll be able
to talk one on one with an industry pro and get the immediate
support you need!
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