Promotion – CDROM2GO.COM

Promotion – CDROM2GO.COM
Promotion – CDROM2GO.COMYou’ve
made a great album and have a dedicated band. Now what?
The cream doesn’t rise to the top in the music industry.
If you want to make a living making music, knowledge of
how to market yourself is as just important as the music
You most likely got into the music business because you
wanted to make music. That’s where an industry
consultant comes in! They will work with you on your
marketing strategy one on one.
you are a CDROM2GO.COM client, you have the benefit of
personal, industry expert advice to develop a promotion
and marketing plan that works. Expert advisors help keep
independent musicians, bands, and labels on top of the
latest trends in independent music as well as promotion
opportunities.Why wait? Ordering Information