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Tech Support
Tech SupportInstructions for Reader Installation and UseZenith Data Systems Direct and Swan Technologies Corporation make it easier to get support on the web by giving you access to electronic documentation and manuals. In the event that you have lost your manuals, pages have gotten damaged or you just prefer viewing documentaion on-line, feel free to browse this area of the site as you see fit. The Adobe® Acrobat® Reader enables you to view, find, index and print any documentation you may need.
Now that you know the expressed purpose of this documentation, now you want to know how the process works. This page is designed to give you some basic instructions on how to find, install and use the latest Adobe® Acrobat® Reader.
Step One: Visit Adobe®On the manuals page you will see a link (or here!) highlighted in red which will take you to an Adobe Acrobat download page. We strongly recommend registering with Adobe Systems Inc., selecting the product you want, selecting the platform on which you intend to run the software (operating system) and clicking download. The reader is FREE and is to your advantage as many other sites are moving toward the Adobe Acrobat format (PDF). If you download the product, you should load it into a directory called temp. You may need to create this directory.
Step Two: InstallationThe folks at Adobe Systems Inc. have created a file which utilizes self extracting compression. This means that decompressing and installing are a snap! Once you have loaded the file on your hard drive, all you need to do is select “RUN” on the start menu, and then type “c:\temp\’filename.exe'” (where “filename” = the name of the file downloaded from Adobe Systems Inc.). The file will self extract and take you through a standard product installation. You should read the terms and conditions of the licensing agreement and then click yes or no to continue.
Step Three: Proper UseTo start using your new FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader, Close and restart your web browser. Come back to the Zenith Data Systems Direct homepage (or better yet create a bookmark) and enter the manuals section. Select the manual you wish to view and the PDF file will automatically launch your new acrobat reader and open up the manual. Most manuals are fairly substantial, so it may take some time to load.Step Four: TroubleshootingIf you have trouble loading Adobe Acrobat please contact Adobe Systems Inc. technical support.
If you have trouble loading any of the Swan Technologies Corporation or Zenith Data Systems Direct manuals please contact [email protected]
If you are not sure which manual is designed for your PC, please contact a Zenith Data Systems Direct technician at [email protected] or by calling (800)468-7926.