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test backThe Best Test Equipment. The Best
Test Engineers and Technicians.Utilizing multiple test platforms and test development tools, GD Electronics Manufacturing provides
expert solutions for a wide range of test applications. Our capabilities
include CCA in-circuit and functional testing
on GenRad Model 2276 Test Stations, CCA vibration and temperature cycling, and
CCA and system-level environmental stress screening (ESS).
The GenRad ICT and functional testers have quick-change bed-of-nails
fixtures to perform reliable component and circuit testing. Highly experienced test engineers provide test fixture design and
fabrication and work closely with customers to write test software.
We offer a full range of life-cycle reliability testing, including
system-level functional testing services
under programmed temperature and vibration conditions, as well as humidity,
drop, shock, and immersion testing.GD Electronics Manufacturing also provides professional Failure
Analysis Services with: Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) for metallic
material analysis.High-magnification X-ray for internal inspection
in real-time on a monitor or documented on video, Polaroid prints, and
X-ray film.Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer for organic
material identification and analysis.Mircosectioning and Encapsulation.Variety of discrete electronics/material evaluation