USDM MEDIA – CDROM2GO.COMUSDM General Purpose Purple
Dual-Sided DVD-R 2X, 9.4 GBUSDM General Purpose Dual Sided DVD-R is ideal for backing
up data for max capacity, long storage life and for recording
at a low error rate. USDM DVD-R features high quality and compatibilty
making it a very popular choice by both professionals and enthusiasts.
The 9.4 GB capacity allows you to record up to twice the amount
of standard DVD-Rs (Top of M40097) (Bottom of M40097) Features:Large capacity, Double-Sided “General Purpose
DVD-R Media”. 4.7GB of storage per side, (remove disc and turn
over to record on 2nd side). 9.4GB DVD-R blank media for general use. Disc color: purple. Recording speed: 2XCompatibility:Compatible with all DVD burners that support burning
of DVD-R mediaPioneer DVR-A03, DVR-103, DVR-A04, DVR-104, DVR-A05,
DVR-105, DVR-A06, DVR-106Panasonic LF-D311, LF-D321, LF-D521Sony DRU500A, DRU500AX, plus the DVD-R/RW drives built
into Apple G4 and Compaq Presario 7000 computers.