Winter and Spring 2003

Winter and Spring 2003
Winter and Spring 2003
those visiting our
web site a happy and prosperous New Year! It is hard to believe but 2002 has
ended and the rebirth of optimism begins for 2003 and the New Year. Time moves quickly;
we look forward.It
should be said all of us would benefit by taking things a bit more slowly in the day to day business
of living. We all have a tendency to rush things, to “want it
yesterday”, and to sometimes take our eyes off the big picture because of
the focus necessary to properly execute the small details. One thing we
never do is take our eye off the big picture. The big picture is customer
satisfaction. Always. Whether it’s a customer buying a $49.00 inkjet printer or
a retailer ordering 1,500 multifunction fax we do all we can to make the
customer happy. Everything else we do is in vain if we don’t believe it and live
it. In Q4 2002 we
ramped up a 200,000 square foot refurbishing and distribution center in South
Carolina. We did this in preparation of receiving a substantial inventory of over
19,000 color all-in-one inkjet multifunction products and digital business/home
office copiers and color laser printers that are well positioned in the business
and small office market and aggressively
priced.  While it was quite a challenge logistically to sort and organize over
2,200 pallets of equipment, we got it done and can now begin the process of
refurbishing this equipment for our primarily wholesale marketing efforts.
It eliminates the headaches that can occur with just in time ordering and gives
our customers many products to chose from for their needs.In anticipation of having a very strong 2003
and increased machine and supply sales, we are now offering nationally
administered service contracts to our customers all over the U.S. Any of our customers that purchase a color
inkjet printer, color inkjet copier MFC, all-in-one inkjet fax, all-in-one laser
fax, small office digital copier, business color and black laser printer,
business laser fax/printer, or business volume network copier/printer up to a
sales price of $6,999.99, can buy a one year or three year extended warranty for
their investment. Products with a value of up to $199.99
include carry-in service only. Any 1 year or 3 year agreement purchased for a
product with a purchase price over $1,200 includes onsite service. Customers more than 40 miles away from a
service agent receive Express pickup and delivery service for their repair.
Virtually every metropolitan,  suburban and rural area in the U.S. is covered. Those in
extremely remote areas can mail-in their small office machine for repairs. Those
folks lucky enough to live in
the rural and remote areas of our great country will receive Express pickup and
delivery on printers over $1,200.00.There are over 55,000 participating service
centers. And warranty performance is backed by Lloyd’s of London, one of the
world’s largest insurers. If for some reason the warranty isn’t executed as
written, the customer will get a prorated refund.If you are
visiting our site and have shopped around, you’ll see we are selling our
products at wholesale. Take advantage of it and save some money if you have a
need that we can fill. If you
need business volume equipment we have great deals on refurbished Xerox 5626
copiers that can’t be beat. Take a look at our Tektronix network color laser
printer deals or the Xerox Document WorkCentre PRO 745 business laser faxes. Get a great deal for your home color all-in-one printer or fax.
Get great deals on dealer return and
demonstrator Sharp digital copier inventory for the office and you’ll see all of our refurbished office volume products have
very low meters and look and perform like new. All of us at

Digital DocuSource wish you a pleasant online shopping experience. Don’t
hesitate to call us, toll-free, at 866-899-COPY (2679) if you have any
a personal note, I will say as the clouds of war thicken, and during this time of international
terrorism and treachery, of attacks on innocent civilians worldwide past,
present and future, and dictators and tyrants who count the likes of Stalin as
their heroes, there is much division here at home as to whether peace or war is
the correct policy. We
are in an unconventional war. We did not ask for it; it was brought to us. It is
not a war against an enemy in the field, with flanking motions and pincer
movements to contain and destroy the enemy. It
is one in which we count victories in battle one terrorist cell, or even one
single terrorist, at a time. It is a war of espionage, worldwide intelligence
operations, and appropriate action. We owe it to those who have perished at the
hands of our enemy. Nothing less.Now
we are faced with the challenges of keeping tyrants and dictators in check that
possess, or wish to possess, weapons of mass destruction. While they pose no
real threat from a military standpoint, excepting North Korea with its very real
military and nuclear threat, they pose a clear and present danger in the export
of these weapons, whether they have them now or later. And if those who push
appeasement have their way, they will have them later if they don’t already have
who feel peace and diplomacy is the answer, especially with regard to North
Korea, should look back to 1938 and British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlin’s
accord with the Nazis that led him to proclaim he had made “peace in our
time”. He
didn’t, and he did what he thought was right at the expense of the Czech peoples
left to Hitler’s evil designs. Should we appease dictators and despots at the
expense of those in the world that are targets because the propose freedom as
man’s last best hope? Is that what history has shown us? I
say to those who propose we look toward diplomacy and appeasement while North
Korea’s dictator develops nuclear weapons, and sells them for desperately needed
hard currency, possibly to our enemies, ask the sons and daughters of the Czech
Republic whether they got peace with honor. And then ask those in the U.S., or
any of our allies in the world, 5, 10, or 20 years from now, affected by the
actions of madmen and terrorists with weapons of mass destruction whether
diplomacy worked with the despots we negotiated with.I am reminded of what Winston Churchill once said of the British
Empire, in a time of much grievous difficulty after the British retreat from
Dunkirk during World War II. “Let
us therefore brace ourselves to our duties, and so bear ourselves that, if the
British Empire and its Commonwealth last for a thousand years, men will still
say, this was their finest hour.”And
so it shall be now, and always, for the United States.God
Bless America.Best Success,Todd M. Hackett866-899-COPY (2679) x 16Fax: 954-581-0848